G.N. Youth Leadership

Posted on July 21, 2015

ministry manager Danny and Jennifer Mazzilli

G.N. Youth Leadership

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As Youth Leaders and having teenagers of our own we have come to realize that youth ministry is one of the greatest challenges that we have ever accepted in our lives. Healthy youth ministry begins when we take seriously the power of God for our own spiritual lives. A direct connection exists between a leader’s spiritual vitality and a healthy youth ministry. Youth ministry cannot be healthy if it is isolated from the family.  Careful attention is needed to maximize the valuable role parents play as partners in helping their kids reach their spiritual potential. We need to apply deliberate ways to build a family friendly youth ministry.A healthy youth ministry is a purpose-driven youth ministry. We must pursue and reflect the purposes that were commanded by Jesus and manifested in the early church: The Great Commandment and the Great Commission. You’ll recognize the 5 purposes as
1. Evangelism 2. Worship 3. Fellowship 4. Discipleship 5. Ministry It is with sincere desire that we pursue to see youth transformed by the power of God. We love the youth of today and welcome them to join with us to fulfill their purpose and our purpose in coming to this earth!

God Richly Bless You


Cory Cohen, Elaine Brennan, Dan & Jennifer Mazzilli

G.N. Youth Ministry


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