Pastor John Simon

Retirement Announcement

With heartfelt gratitude, we announce the retirement of our beloved Pastor, John Simon with his lovely and precious wife Sis Desree, from full-time ministry. Good Neighbor Ministries was founded in 1979 through the grace and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ and has flourished under Pastor Simon’s vindicated and Spirit-led leadership. As a result, we’ve witnessed the growth of GN Ministries, culminating in the ownership of our beautiful church at 5270 New Street, Burlington, Ontario.

The impact of GN Ministries extends far beyond our walls, with numerous churches built around the world through our missions work. As Pastor Simon enters semi-retirement, with God’s help, with Sis Desree’s help, and with the help of G.N.Ministries, he will continue his mission work, carrying the torch of God’s love to distant corners of the world.

Pastor Danny Mazzilli, who has been under Brother Simon’s spiritual guidance since 1994, will now step into his new role as pastor of Good Neighbor Ministries with confidence and conviction, thereby continuing the ministry’s enduring legacy.

The goal of this ministry remains unchanged: “To change the world one person at a time, bringing them to Jesus Christ, and equipping them for ministry to fulfill their Life’s purpose of glorifying God.” May the Lord Jesus abundantly bless and give a fruitful ministry to Pastor Danny Mazzilli and his precious wife Jennifer as they stand in their post of duty.

In the spirit of gratitude and anticipation for the future, Sis Desree and I, send a heartfelt welcome to our new Pastor Danny Mazzilli and Sis Jennifer, as they embrace their new positions in Christ.

With all Sincerity & Christian Love

John Simon – Pastor






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